Asylum Seekers Recorded Session

Asylum Seeker Information Night at St Matt's Church

If you couldn’t make it to the Asylum Seeker Information night at St Matt’s on Tuesday 15th September, you can still be informed by listening to the recording of the main session. It was an excellent night filled with information and real-life stories that engaged the large group of gathered people who came from all ages and stages of life and church backgrounds.

Greg Lake provided his insights, personal experiences and ideas for how we can all engage with the refugees and asylum seekers on our doorstep. The recording also includes a brief intro from Simon Jackson.

Asylum Seekers aren’t an issue as much as they are people. Not being fearful of people who are themselves very fearful of the places and situations they have come from, by embracing them as friends and ‘getting your hands dirty’, is one of the key steps that helps make a difference. Listen to the recording to hear about another two important ways we can all advocate for the fair and just treatment of Asylum Seekers.

Click on the link above to directly listen to the recording, or head over to the Facebook Event page to find out more information.

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