Welcome to EFAC South Australia

We are keen to see healthy and growing Anglican churches who confess the ultimate authority of scripture for life and ministry. Our goal is to promote biblical ministry and evangelism, to provide quality resources for churches and organisations engaged in gospel ministry, and to support the identifying and development of gospel workers. We provide regular updates on matters relating to the Anglican Communion locally, nationally and internationally.

Our denomination is facing some significant challenges, and we are not only keen to keep our members informed, but to ensure the evangelical voice is being heard with clarity and conviction in our city and throughout the state. Our association with other EFAC branches nationally and internationally helps us to stay across relevant matters influencing the life of the Anglican church.

We welcome new members to EFAC SA. For more information about becoming a member, see our membership page.

If you are in full or part-time evangelical ministry in the Diocese, you might like to consider coming along to our regular Ministry Workers’ Forums. These are opportunities to encourage one another in our pastoral work, discuss issues relating to our denomination and beyond, and pray for one another as we partner together in the gospel. For more information about our forums, contact our Coordinator Paul Hunt.


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